Dear Colleagues:


Originally entitled the Journal of the International Association for Taekwondo Research (JIATR), Acta Taekwondo et Martialis Artium (ATMA) has been published since 2014. ATMA publishes biannually in July and December. Consequently, we invite you and your colleagues to submit your original research for consideration in our journal.


The editorial policy of the journal adheres to the multidisciplinary goals of ATMA, which are to promote scientific investigation and scholarship within the following sub-disciplines of Taekwondo and the martial arts research: (a) Biochemistry, (b) Biomechanics and Motor Control, (c) Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation, (d) Marketing, (e) Pedagogy, (f) Philosophy, (g) Physiology and Nutrition, (h) Psychology, and (i) Sociology.


I encourage you to refer to me the names and contact information of colleagues that have research interests compatible with those of the Journal so that we may inform them of the IATR and ATMA. Your assistance in this matter will be invaluable to our future success.





Charles Stebbins, PhD


Division of Cardiovascular Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine

University of California, Davis


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