Acta Taekwondo et Martialis Artium (ATMA) publishes articles of high quality on a biannual basis. ATMA aims to promote the sport and art of Taekwondo and provide related information that improves physical, mental and emotional well-being, enhances social relationships and sportsmanship, promotes advances in treatment and prevention of injuries, and improves results in competition at all levels.


The ATMA editorial policy adheres to the multidisciplinary goals of the International Association for Taekwondo Research (IATR), which is to promote scientific investigation and scholarship within the following sub-disciplines of Taekwondo, combat sports, and martial arts research: (a) Biochemistry, (b) Biomechanics and Motor Control, (c) Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation, (d) Marketing, (e) Pedagogy, (f) Philosophy, (g) Physiology and Nutrition, (h) Psychology, and (i) Sociology. Manuscripts related to other marital arts such as Kung Fu, Jujitsu, and Karate will also be considered. The Journal invites submission of original research articles, review articles of Taekwondo literature, and book reviews related to the sub-disciplines listed above.

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