All submitted manuscripts will undergo a peer-review process; i.e., manuscripts will undergo a double-blind review by two or more experts in the field. Reviewers will be objective and possess no conflict of interest. Reviewers are responsible for pointing out relevant published works not yet cited, ensuring the highest academic standards and protocols are maintained, and ensuring manuscripts adhere to the Journal’s guidelines. Reviewers will also treat the articles confidentially.


The Acta Taekwondo et Martialis Artium (ATMA) review process is as follows.

Step 1: Pre-Review

Manuscripts may undergo a pre-review that involves a brief perusal of the manuscript to determine if it fits within ATMA’s scope and conforms to its style guidelines. If approved, the manuscript will undergo the editorial process as below. If declined, the results of the pre-review will be sent to the author. Authors are encouraged to resubmit the manuscript after the suggested alterations outlined in the pre-review are made.


Step 2: Review

If preliminarily acceptable, the Editor-in-Chief will send the manuscript to the appropriate Associate Editor who, in turn, will send it to two reviewers with expertise in the particular area of research. Reviewers are given three weeks to evaluate the manuscript. When the Associate Editor receives the reviews, he/she will summarize the major concerns and sends them, along with the Reviewers’ comments, to the authors.

Step 3: Authors Resubmission

If the manuscript requires edits or is rejected, the authors may resubmit the manuscript once the reviewers’ concerns are addressed. Authors will need to respond to each comment and suggestion made by the reviewers on a point by point basis in a separate document. Authors should list each comment in bold and then provide their response underneath the comment in regular script (i.e., not in bold). They must respond to every comment. In the revised manuscript, they should also highlight all revisions in bold or red.


Resubmission of a manuscript does not imply acceptance for publication. The revised manuscript will be sent to the same reviewers for their approval. If declined, the manuscript will resume the editorial process as above.

Step 4: Final Decision

The Editor-in-Chief makes the final decision on acceptance or rejection of all manuscripts.

Step 5: Copy Editing

After a manuscript is accepted, the copy editing process is initiated. Galleys are sent subsequently to the authors for proofreading prior to publication. The ATMA Guidelines for Reviewers can be accessed below for recommendations regarding manuscript review.


ATMA Reviewer Form

Acta Taekwondo Review Process

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